Weekly Horoscope

Aquarius (January 20 - February 18)

Thinking selfishly has its own merits and this is your time to get ahead because of it. The good news is that what is good for you will have effects that trickle down and benefit everyone, so even when you aren t thinking about it, you are doing good. Just don t get sidetracked by another s moaning and complaining -- if you stop even once, it ll kill your momentum.


Lovely, Love My Family...

Week in Review...

Watching-Young & the Restless. Very obsessed these days!
Making-Horse Valentine's Box
Eating-Lots of pasta
Feeling-Sick. We all have the sniffles :(
Thinking-About birthdays
Hoping-I feel better tomorrow!
Wondering-If it will snow this week.

Hearing-sniffle, sniffle, cough
Liking-Not much these days :(
Wanting-Some warmer weather
Playing-FB again. I know shame on me!
Wishing-For an exotic vacation
Enjoying-Not giving baths!
Coveting-As always $$$$$


Computer Problems

I am thinking about sending back my computer. They seem to have forgotten to install the sarcasm button!

I am thinking about imposing a 1 day waiting period on all emails(I already have that for text messages!). Every time I send an email I really don't think that my sarcasm comes across very well. I always have a moment of regret right after I hit the send button. So from now on I will hit the save button, wait 24 hours then hit the send button just in case I wish to revise!!


The Countdown is on...

So here we go 16 days it will be my birthday. Can you tell how excited I am? When I was younger I loved birthdays, I couldn't wait for the day but now that I am over the age of 24 I could really do without acknowledging it. I always feel like it is a constant reminder that I am one year closer to death. I think instead of calling it a birthday maybe I will call it my Death reminder day.

If I could have a perfect birthday it would be...sleeping in, breakfast(Chick-fil-a) in bed, skipping lunch, afternoon at the zoo then a big dinner at Red Lobster (love, love, love their biscuits), then a bar with lots, lots & lots of sweet tea vodka. At least enough vodka to really make my head hurt the next morning!!! So Nat if you actually read my blog here is your blueprint to making my birthday memorable!!