Monday Fight Against Fat Pants

My fight against Fat Pants has continued through the weekend! I know I couldn't believe it either! I struggled through Saturdays workout to be rewarded with a day full of Christmas shopping with just my husband! Fun but pricey!

Sunday was a blur. Between cleaning the house before the grandparents returned the tornadoes and wrapping the presents that we bought before little detectives returned, I had the perfect amount of time for crunches, jumping jacks, lounges and squats!

Today was the hardest day to stick with the plan. I typically on Mondays run around like a chicken with its head cut off trying desperately to get school work, chores and anything else I left from the weekend finished. Finding 1 hour for working out was hard but I did it! Grant it I did the elliptical machine than 2 hours later got to the lounges and squats in between scanning the Hooked on Phonics from the public library so I can return it without a late fee!

I'm just hoping all this hard work will pay off. At this point, it feels like nothing will get these fat pants off me! If you are doing this with me, don't give up yet! We have 8 days left to be back in pants with buttons! 


Bye Bye Fat Pants Day 3

What a dreary day we are having today. The last couple of days have been full of sunshine, of course the snow on the ground helped enhance the brightness! The lack of brightness was not a good motivator for my fight against fat pants.

I did manage 30 minutes on the elliptical machine and my 20 minutes of free weights but the 100 crunches, 90 jumping jacks, 80 lounges....I just couldn't didn't!

My big excuse is that I have to pack for my kids to spend the weekend with their grandparents! Half excited half dreading! Dreading the day full of washing clothes, bathing kids and myself, packing and then of course the 5 hour round trip we are going to have to make tonight. I hate driving/riding at night. Maybe it linked back to my childhood and the trauma of long car rides at night with my dad driving like a bat out of hell, no seat belts...I'll leave the rest for my therapist and autobiography!

Have a great day and let your sunshine reflect on someone else's snow even if it is yellow snow! I feel 100 crunches coming my way today!


Day 2 of Peeling Away the Fat Pants

Some how I was able to roll out of the bed today. I actually made it to Day 2 and I worked out!! Way to go me! One day closer to ending this relationship with me and fat pants!

I do have to share what was my biggest motivation today! CHRISTMAS MUSIC!!! It was such a big motivator that I actually then did 30 minutes on the elliptical machine!! WHAT WHAT!! That's right this girl is serious about NO FAT PANTS ON CHRISTMAS DAY!!

Here's a video of the 16 year old David Thibault. It's amazing how much he sounds just like Elvis!! Enjoy


Happy Holidays From the Lake

Two Week Get Out of Fat Pants Challenge

The Fat Pants Week extended itself from a week to 10 days! Of course we could place some of the blame on those vicious mean brothers Cleon and Dion. No matter who is to blame the fat pants have to be gone by Christmas! I will NOT be the fattest person at Christmas or at least the fattest person in fat pants!

So here's what I found, thanks Pinterest, The Drop 10 Workout .

After the first day of the work out (disclaimer I do workout regularly prior to 5 days ago when I just stopped and continued eating for another 5 days)....WOW! My abs, legs and ass are sore! 

Now I just got to figure some way to stop my hand from shoveling more food in my mouth! If this continues I will definitely get more Congratulations I didn't know you were pregnant! (I'M NOT!)

Check back tomorrow see if I continue working out or if I just sleep in! 


Happy Fat Pants Week....

Happy Fat Pants Week!! 
Yeah you read that correctly, in my house its Fat Pants Week! You see Thanksgiving was so delicious that I gained 10 lbs, even with sweating as an oldie on the elliptical machine.

Dinner was so good that I couldn't stop eating. From the Neely's Sweet Potato Souffle, to the Pioneer Woman's Green Bean Casserole, to the Savory Sweet Life Stuffing, I just couldn't stop eating!! I ended up eating most of it but there was still LEFTOVERS all weekend. I found myself now sitting here still nursing my food hangover not shopping on Cyber Monday in my FAT PANTS!!

I hope that everyone else's Thanksgiving was as fulfilling as mine. I am so thankful for you today and for tums!!


So Oprah Called...

So Oprah called or at least I thought it was Oprah! I keep getting these blocked/unavailable calls. At first I thought just a regular phone solicitor, right? I answer the phone to be placed on hold. Who else calls somebody and then makes them wait on hold to speak to someone....OPRAH!!

I finally waited out the call only to realize that it wasn't Oprah. In fact it was some man that sounded foreign?! You can imagine my confusion when I realize it wasn't her. I kindly explained to him that you don't just repeatedly call someone and place them on hold for long periods of time unless you are OPRAH!!

After my precise explanation of the situation, he had the nerve to actually try and sell me something I wasn't listening! That's when I politely HUNG UP on him! Needless to say, he hasn't called back but neither has Oprah!