Two Week Get Out of Fat Pants Challenge

The Fat Pants Week extended itself from a week to 10 days! Of course we could place some of the blame on those vicious mean brothers Cleon and Dion. No matter who is to blame the fat pants have to be gone by Christmas! I will NOT be the fattest person at Christmas or at least the fattest person in fat pants!

So here's what I found, thanks Pinterest, The Drop 10 Workout .

After the first day of the work out (disclaimer I do workout regularly prior to 5 days ago when I just stopped and continued eating for another 5 days)....WOW! My abs, legs and ass are sore! 

Now I just got to figure some way to stop my hand from shoveling more food in my mouth! If this continues I will definitely get more Congratulations I didn't know you were pregnant! (I'M NOT!)

Check back tomorrow see if I continue working out or if I just sleep in! 

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