Week 3 Fitness Update

I hate to disappoint but....well...umm...there was this incident with some ice cream and some other not-so-good-for-you items that has set me back to pretty much where I started. Oh, of course the Doctor's office ordeal that sent me spiraling out of control into mountains of calories didn't help! Don't worry I did not KILL or cause any bodily harm.

What is up with asshole doctors? Really? Now I guess I have had a closer view being a "nurse" on how they really act but still I don't get their reasoning on why they need to belittle people. I know you get paid lots of money to send me on a death spiral into chips and candy (BTW big props to both my kids who do it daily, free-of-charge but at least I can threaten my kids, I cant a doctor, not legally). Did you not pay attention in that high dollar school on the day they were talking about bedside manners. I guess that was the day you were out shopping for your trophy wife?!?

Well anyways, I went to the doctor because for some reasons it was my week to have a migraine. I don't have them but maybe once a year so they are usually not that serious. It was Wednesday afternoon when I started seeing tracers which means here comes the pain. My usual method for treating is Excedrin Migraine, alone time in the closet with wash clothe. It has worked before I thought it would work again. By Thursday, it was just a dull throbbing, I thought great its on its way out, awesome. Well Friday morning at 3 am I woke up to the most horrific pain that started in my neck and went down my back across my shoulder blade. It was so bad I couldn't move. I laid there not moving, breathing very little and waited for 3 hours until my hubby came home from work. He got the heating pad and Advil. That eased the pain some at least long enough for the doctor's office to open. I got my appointment 9am not bad. My hubby and girls dropped me off at the door, my wait was very little, I thought awesome this is going to be a breeze. walks my mercenary coming to kill my dreams of being able to fit into my clothes once again or maybe a summer dress in time for my "BIG TRIP TO CHICAGO" in 3 months!

I guess in summary the one key thing he said that really struck with me was and I quote "If you were SKINNY your life would be PERFECT". I really look like a woman that wants to hear that you have a metabolic disease so it is twice as hard for you to lose weight and keep it off but you know your life would just be perfect if only you were skinny. Really...perfect?!? I don't think so plus I really don't like to be told that I must be "crazy to want to have a period after 3 years. There are lots of women who wish they didn't". To which I replied "Really? There are not a lot of women out there sleeping around married and unmarried that don't hope for their periods every month. Hummm...I must be crazy! He didn't like the sass. Sorry neither did my mother but I still did it!!

It took a long weekend of muscle relaxers and pain medicine (which made me one grumpy mother bear) to get back where I could move my neck without pain. I also managed to work out on the elliptical machine for 20 minutes today, I took my "fat disease" meds today both times too. I ate healthy and didn't yell except at bedtime which always happens so today was....perfect!


Good-bye Oprah

I can't seem to bring myself to watch the last 4 episodes of the Oprah show. I know it is because sadly I don't want it to end, really. I LOVE OPRAH. I miss her so much! Its pathetic I know. I just want to call her up and hear about her new favorite things or what next injustice do i need to worry about? Whats the new black? What about my reading, how will I ever come up the next bestseller? Seriously I cant pick good books on my own!

I can't live if living is without her....

I guess I will sit her with some of the favorite things I was able to afford, my Moscow Mule and watch the end of one of my longest friendships. Oprah call me gurl! I miss you!