Monday Fight Against Fat Pants

My fight against Fat Pants has continued through the weekend! I know I couldn't believe it either! I struggled through Saturdays workout to be rewarded with a day full of Christmas shopping with just my husband! Fun but pricey!

Sunday was a blur. Between cleaning the house before the grandparents returned the tornadoes and wrapping the presents that we bought before little detectives returned, I had the perfect amount of time for crunches, jumping jacks, lounges and squats!

Today was the hardest day to stick with the plan. I typically on Mondays run around like a chicken with its head cut off trying desperately to get school work, chores and anything else I left from the weekend finished. Finding 1 hour for working out was hard but I did it! Grant it I did the elliptical machine than 2 hours later got to the lounges and squats in between scanning the Hooked on Phonics from the public library so I can return it without a late fee!

I'm just hoping all this hard work will pay off. At this point, it feels like nothing will get these fat pants off me! If you are doing this with me, don't give up yet! We have 8 days left to be back in pants with buttons! 


Bye Bye Fat Pants Day 3

What a dreary day we are having today. The last couple of days have been full of sunshine, of course the snow on the ground helped enhance the brightness! The lack of brightness was not a good motivator for my fight against fat pants.

I did manage 30 minutes on the elliptical machine and my 20 minutes of free weights but the 100 crunches, 90 jumping jacks, 80 lounges....I just couldn't didn't!

My big excuse is that I have to pack for my kids to spend the weekend with their grandparents! Half excited half dreading! Dreading the day full of washing clothes, bathing kids and myself, packing and then of course the 5 hour round trip we are going to have to make tonight. I hate driving/riding at night. Maybe it linked back to my childhood and the trauma of long car rides at night with my dad driving like a bat out of hell, no seat belts...I'll leave the rest for my therapist and autobiography!

Have a great day and let your sunshine reflect on someone else's snow even if it is yellow snow! I feel 100 crunches coming my way today!


Day 2 of Peeling Away the Fat Pants

Some how I was able to roll out of the bed today. I actually made it to Day 2 and I worked out!! Way to go me! One day closer to ending this relationship with me and fat pants!

I do have to share what was my biggest motivation today! CHRISTMAS MUSIC!!! It was such a big motivator that I actually then did 30 minutes on the elliptical machine!! WHAT WHAT!! That's right this girl is serious about NO FAT PANTS ON CHRISTMAS DAY!!

Here's a video of the 16 year old David Thibault. It's amazing how much he sounds just like Elvis!! Enjoy


Happy Holidays From the Lake

Two Week Get Out of Fat Pants Challenge

The Fat Pants Week extended itself from a week to 10 days! Of course we could place some of the blame on those vicious mean brothers Cleon and Dion. No matter who is to blame the fat pants have to be gone by Christmas! I will NOT be the fattest person at Christmas or at least the fattest person in fat pants!

So here's what I found, thanks Pinterest, The Drop 10 Workout .

After the first day of the work out (disclaimer I do workout regularly prior to 5 days ago when I just stopped and continued eating for another 5 days)....WOW! My abs, legs and ass are sore! 

Now I just got to figure some way to stop my hand from shoveling more food in my mouth! If this continues I will definitely get more Congratulations I didn't know you were pregnant! (I'M NOT!)

Check back tomorrow see if I continue working out or if I just sleep in! 


Happy Fat Pants Week....

Happy Fat Pants Week!! 
Yeah you read that correctly, in my house its Fat Pants Week! You see Thanksgiving was so delicious that I gained 10 lbs, even with sweating as an oldie on the elliptical machine.

Dinner was so good that I couldn't stop eating. From the Neely's Sweet Potato Souffle, to the Pioneer Woman's Green Bean Casserole, to the Savory Sweet Life Stuffing, I just couldn't stop eating!! I ended up eating most of it but there was still LEFTOVERS all weekend. I found myself now sitting here still nursing my food hangover not shopping on Cyber Monday in my FAT PANTS!!

I hope that everyone else's Thanksgiving was as fulfilling as mine. I am so thankful for you today and for tums!!


So Oprah Called...

So Oprah called or at least I thought it was Oprah! I keep getting these blocked/unavailable calls. At first I thought just a regular phone solicitor, right? I answer the phone to be placed on hold. Who else calls somebody and then makes them wait on hold to speak to someone....OPRAH!!

I finally waited out the call only to realize that it wasn't Oprah. In fact it was some man that sounded foreign?! You can imagine my confusion when I realize it wasn't her. I kindly explained to him that you don't just repeatedly call someone and place them on hold for long periods of time unless you are OPRAH!!

After my precise explanation of the situation, he had the nerve to actually try and sell me something I wasn't listening! That's when I politely HUNG UP on him! Needless to say, he hasn't called back but neither has Oprah!


I Found It.....

I found this in my fireworks photos yesterday. Do you see it? I know you see it! 

So the first person to comment with the correct answer (US only), will win (drum roll)......comment and see!!


Firecracker, Firecracker, BOOM BOOM BOOM....

I can't let this day go without expressing my thankfulness to all the men and women who serve this country proudly and fearlessly! Thank you for all you sacrifice for me!!


I hope you have a safe and yummy holiday!


Sigh No More....

I don't know what it is about Mumford & Sons but they really inspire me, at least today! 

Back to being thankful....& creativity!


Inspire ME....

My love for link-ups is well documented here, really I don't think I need to say more....

Click on the link below and join in!


It's Happened......

I have never updated you on my daughter's health. After lots of blood work, scans and waiting, they finally told us that she has an Immune Deficiency, (really?! I could have told them that one, right!!). It's the "T-cells". In other words, she's not going to "grow out of it" and every vaccination that we have given her since birth didn't take!  

Quick Anatomy & Physiology class, inside your blood are cells that work to keep you healthy and alive. The B-cells are what fight off an infection while the T-cells are the "memory" of the virus that tells your body what you did last time to fight it off. The T-cells are also what make the b-cells to fight off the infection.

With all that being said, I think it should go without saying that we are very, very over protective of her now more so than before the diagnosis. In some ways I see how it can get to a point where there is too much isolation but I never let it get that close. We do avoid large crowds at ALL costs! We have been known to walk out of a store if we hear someone coughing or sneezing. (All of her problems start in the nasal area with colds). After leaving every store you will catch us all applying hand sanitizer!

The moment that I dread more than anything has happened. As I mention we just moved, we have only resided here for a whopping 12 days and the door bell rings....its the neighborhood kids. Don't get me wrong, I love the hood kids! They are what make summers, nights, weekends and holidays at home a little more enjoyable unless you want to avoid germs. Because as precious as we all think are babies are (& they really are!) they are germ infested! I wouldn't eat off a little kids hands if you paid me $5000!! REALLY!!! So when I opened the door to a bundle of Staph, MRSA and the Bird Flu, I couldn't help but whence. (Really there were at least 2 snot nosed, coughing kids!) Not only do I have to graciously decline an invitation to socialize, I also have to hand out some Kleenex and germ-x. 

For me the gesture in and of it's self was very nice and truly made me feel more welcome and I know that it's not other people's fault that I mutated with my husband to create this child (Yes I am having a hard time not blaming myself) but DAMN it's the hardest and most gut wrenching thing to have to tell other kids that your child isn't normal. She can't come outside and play (Another reason not a lot of outside play is because she recently developed an allergy to the sun. That's just one of many weird illnesses she has had recently). 

It's just hard....little things like that are the hardest for me to deal with. Having to say out loud....My daughter is sick and has an immune deficiency still just kills me inside...

Meet the Neighbors....

So we moved! No not across town but an actual MOVE!! Across state lines kind of move! I'm still recovering from my move hangover so until my head is on straight....first I have to find are some photos! 

Our new neighbors, you can tell we have it rough!

 Of course no move is final without introductions!

Yes its OK to be jealous of my backyard!

Until we meet again...


Happy Mother's Day

Something that started as a surprise
Came and went with the same demise

The story unfolding deep in my brain
Growing old won't be the same

One less chair at the table
One less horse in the stable

Hole is growing wider and deeper
The mountains are bigger and more steeper

The journey continues to the end
With stops along the way to mend

The broken wings and down cast stares
And the shoes with all its wears

In the arms of my Oak, I bury my story
There it will remain to grow into all its glory

Let it keep growing as tall as can be
So no matter the path I can still see

That my seed grew up to mark my way
And to remind me to be grateful everyday

Kristel J


Don't Quote Me But....

"Sometimes your only available transportation is a leap of faith."
-Margaret Shepard

I LOVE quotes! They light my way in dark valleys and shield my eyes from the brightness of too much happiness. It has been quite a long time coming for basking in the rays of happiness but I feel something good on the horizon. Every winter must eventually come to an end!

What's my latest project? I can't say just yet! But believe me you will be the first to know!

What's your favorite quote?


Speaking My Shame

Yup, once again, I have been absent. A little from life too if we are being honest with each other!

Still trying to cope with reality! Not as easy as some might think! I'm scouring through the broken glass looking for a piece of my dream to begin anew. 

Today I am cultivating play and rest actually I think I have been doing that a little too long but one more day won't really hurt!

Tomorrow back to cultivating creativity!

What shame are you caring around today?


I Can Get You A Doctor's Note..

Seriously, if you need a note from an actual licensed doctor, I can get you one! I should explain I'm not sick and I haven't stopped crafting everyday either! I still do and LOVE it! It's the only thing that keeps me sane these days! You see, we are secluded. We have literally withdrawn into solitude and removed ourselves from face-to-face social contact with others! (Well except for doctors visits, tests and me at the store in gloves and a mask! People stare a lot?) It's to keep my 9 year old daughter well and away from the flu. Her doctor strongly recommended it the Friday before Christmas! It threw me for a huge loop and sent me rushing to get Christmas over so I could look into homeschooling!

This isn't the first time to home school either. We did it when she was in first grade (she is third grade now). First grade was also because she was sick A LOT! In kindergarten, she missed 41 days of school, all doctor excused! Now before you get all crazy imagining me as one of those moms, I'm not! Don't get me wrong, I wish I could be like that! All strict and sticking to schedules and co-oping, blah, blah, blah! Not ME! I suck at homeschooling. How could I the female version of MacGyver really suck at anything?!! I don't know but I do!! 

Let's not dwell on the negative! Just so you know where I am coming from, here is just an example not from the beginning just from August 2012 to the end of the year: She has been on 8 different antibiotics including one for a staph infection (She did not have staph it was the ONLY other antibiotic they hadn't tried), she has been on Prednisone 4 times about once a month (Prednisone is a steroid used to help reduce inflammation), she missed over 50 days of school including the WHOLE month of November, when she is what we call sick (running a fever over 101 for over 24 hours) she has a nebulizer for  Pulmicort every 2 hours more if needed and she has, she has ran a constant fever for months, she wakes up everyday her throat hurts, her stomach hurts and her energy levels are not always high. (I know all of this to be true because I have a "special" day planner that goes with us to every doctor's visit. Everyday her temperature, energy levels, medications currently taking, any new symptom is written down in this Holy Grail of disease!)

We have done lots of blood work, x-rays, CT scans, Cystic Fibrous tests, did I say blood work?! It's a lot for her but we keep on the positive side of it. It's not poor me but aren't we lucky! We are at home and not at the hospital! At this point, they know it's not allergies, it's not because of adenoids, tonsils, needing tubes in her ears or deviated septum, or Cystic Fibrous the list goes on for awhile, I'll spare you. We are now checking her Immune System, they think possibly an Autoimmune Disease which one I have no idea!

So for now our lives consist of homeschooling, crafting, avoiding germs, and doctors visits! This past week was a week full of doctor's visits, blood work and other tests! On top of home schooling, regular duties and trying to craft, I didn't have time for computer or Internet. That's not true I could have made time but I thought sleep was best to prevent a complete meltdown! We've adapt somewhat to this but that's just because we see a light at the end of the tunnel. On the brighter side, I have found a new friend to talk to, her name is Dyson! We talk a lot!

Soap Box Rant: If you are sick could you please stay home! Especially if it's the flu! There are so many people in this world that you affect by not taking the precautions to prevent spreading your germs! I understand that you may have to work or whatever reason you think can justify the fact that you are putting other people in serious harm of being infected with germs they may not be able to fight off but seriously stay away! And another thing...wash your hands! (It's sad and gross if someone has to tell you that!?!) Cover your mouth with your arm if you sneeze or cough. I don't want your germs, I have NO idea where they have been!

Having said ALL of that, here's what my week was full of besides the medical stuff!

Valentine's Day Wreath!! Did I tell you that I only spent $3 on this craft!! That's right!!

This pom-pom or puff ball as my girls call it, is made from a t-shirt!! I'll share more later this week! No doctor's visit and nobody seems sick...yet?! 

That wasn't my only craft made from a t-shirt!! So was this dog pull toy! It was for my friend Roland! Very easy, very strong and cheap!!

Somebody needed a new skirt this week!! My 9 year old! She said she deserved it after the long week, I agreed!

I promised to share all about my week so I guess I should include this experiment gone wrong!! No I don't like skulls or death or anything like that. I was trying to free hand a Day of the Dead for my nephew's Valentine's onesie! I don't judge, it's not my cup of tea but then again when did everything have to be about me? Since I was born, right?! Well my stitch experiment was scary to say the least but I will try again!

Of course I couldn't forget the clog from HELL!!! Yes oh yes on the coldest morning this year, after starting the washing machine, I came back to water running out the garage!! Since we were talking about solids, liquids and gases this week, I ran and got my camera for the steam! Thank you God for plumbers!!

I have lots more crafts and ideas I am working on this week including some easy cheap tutorials!! Plus I am going to the Dollar Tree tonight!! So what ideas do you have brewing?

Bow Tie Made For A Pitbull!

This craft was inspired by two people. First Lionel Messi, if you have no idea who he is then you need to Google him then slap yourself for not paying attention to soccer. We are HUGE soccer fans at my house and last week when he accepted his award, he had on the most AWESOME polka dot suit! How could I pass up the opportunity!

Since my house is full of estrogen (1 Mama, 2 little girls, female dog & female cat), I try really hard not to force my husband into too many projects. One is his limit, I know the rules! My husband actually suggested my "subject", Roland.

Yes, he is a pitbull and before you go crazy on me, he is actually very sweet and well mannered! Even though his neck does measure 22", he is quite a lover not a fighter! What better way to show it than with his own bow tie! Isn't he quite dapper?!

(Love this picture because I can't tell if he is mad or he is just posing for the camera!)

This was by far one of the easiest projects I have attempted to sew lately. I used the waist of an old pair of sweatpants for the collar (cheating I know that was the point!) and some scraps of fabric I had from Halloween (black polka dots) and Christmas (soccer balls).

Basically, I sewed on the bias tape then Velcro. (I made it adjustable because he is still a baby. He needs room to grow)

For the actual bow tie, I cut 2 squares in each fabric, one a little smaller. Then put right sides together sewed around outside, make sure and leave an opening to turn fabric inside out. Then I hand stitched the bow tie exactly how I wanted it to pleat.

Attached the bow tie to the collar and there you have it. A bow tie made for a Pitbull!

I'm sharing my project at....


Let's Talk About....Stitches!

How many stitches on your machine have you tried? Honestly for me, up until yesterday I have only tried 4-5 of the 60 stitches I have available. I don't have a super fancy machine but it's a lot nicer than the one that started my relationship with sewing!

I worked up my courage yesterday and sat down with a cute fabric! I picked a decorative stitch, bravely changed the foot on the machine (never changed the foot before either!) and slowly urged my machine to stitch correctly. Luckily it all worked great! The machine didn't fall apart nor did the needle break instead I got this...

Overall it wasn't a bad experience, stepping out of my comfort stitch zone! It actually helped inspire a techie craft! 

What inspires you? Is it mostly patterns or maybe fabrics? How about blogs or magazines? 

I mostly find inspiration from fabrics. When I see a fabric 8 times out of 10 I know exactly what it's future will be. Now there are some fabrics that sit in my fabric catchall spot for months, maybe even years before they reveal their true identity!

I need more inspiration! So share with me what gives you the biggest burst of creativity! One more thing...I am happy to see that there is NOBODY in need of a Tutu?! The offer is still on the table until somebody, anybody replies!


Not ANOTHER TuTu Tutorial!!

That's right I AM doing a tutorial on a Tutu!

It's quite easy! All you need is some ribbon the length of the waist in need of a Tutu with big knots in both ends and some tulle. I used about 6-7 yards of tulle. (If you buy it by-the-yard instead of on the roll, you get more for your money!) I did use both the roll version and the by-the-yard version, I love different textures!

Next cut a lot of strips about 4"-6" width strips, it doesn't have to be exact. Get one strip fold in half and place behind the ribbon.

Bring the ends up and through the loop (around the ribbon).

Then pull back down until tight. Fill up the ribbon and you have your very own Tutu!

The first person that comments on this post will receive their very own Tutu made by ME!! All you will have to do in return is put my button on your blog and of course you HAVE to follow my blog! So leave a link to your blog so I can get in touch! You have 24 hours to reply, if a no-show then I will move down the line! So COMMENT!!