Bye Bye Fat Pants Day 3

What a dreary day we are having today. The last couple of days have been full of sunshine, of course the snow on the ground helped enhance the brightness! The lack of brightness was not a good motivator for my fight against fat pants.

I did manage 30 minutes on the elliptical machine and my 20 minutes of free weights but the 100 crunches, 90 jumping jacks, 80 lounges....I just couldn't didn't!

My big excuse is that I have to pack for my kids to spend the weekend with their grandparents! Half excited half dreading! Dreading the day full of washing clothes, bathing kids and myself, packing and then of course the 5 hour round trip we are going to have to make tonight. I hate driving/riding at night. Maybe it linked back to my childhood and the trauma of long car rides at night with my dad driving like a bat out of hell, no seat belts...I'll leave the rest for my therapist and autobiography!

Have a great day and let your sunshine reflect on someone else's snow even if it is yellow snow! I feel 100 crunches coming my way today!

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