Monday Fight Against Fat Pants

My fight against Fat Pants has continued through the weekend! I know I couldn't believe it either! I struggled through Saturdays workout to be rewarded with a day full of Christmas shopping with just my husband! Fun but pricey!

Sunday was a blur. Between cleaning the house before the grandparents returned the tornadoes and wrapping the presents that we bought before little detectives returned, I had the perfect amount of time for crunches, jumping jacks, lounges and squats!

Today was the hardest day to stick with the plan. I typically on Mondays run around like a chicken with its head cut off trying desperately to get school work, chores and anything else I left from the weekend finished. Finding 1 hour for working out was hard but I did it! Grant it I did the elliptical machine than 2 hours later got to the lounges and squats in between scanning the Hooked on Phonics from the public library so I can return it without a late fee!

I'm just hoping all this hard work will pay off. At this point, it feels like nothing will get these fat pants off me! If you are doing this with me, don't give up yet! We have 8 days left to be back in pants with buttons! 

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