I Can Get You A Doctor's Note..

Seriously, if you need a note from an actual licensed doctor, I can get you one! I should explain I'm not sick and I haven't stopped crafting everyday either! I still do and LOVE it! It's the only thing that keeps me sane these days! You see, we are secluded. We have literally withdrawn into solitude and removed ourselves from face-to-face social contact with others! (Well except for doctors visits, tests and me at the store in gloves and a mask! People stare a lot?) It's to keep my 9 year old daughter well and away from the flu. Her doctor strongly recommended it the Friday before Christmas! It threw me for a huge loop and sent me rushing to get Christmas over so I could look into homeschooling!

This isn't the first time to home school either. We did it when she was in first grade (she is third grade now). First grade was also because she was sick A LOT! In kindergarten, she missed 41 days of school, all doctor excused! Now before you get all crazy imagining me as one of those moms, I'm not! Don't get me wrong, I wish I could be like that! All strict and sticking to schedules and co-oping, blah, blah, blah! Not ME! I suck at homeschooling. How could I the female version of MacGyver really suck at anything?!! I don't know but I do!! 

Let's not dwell on the negative! Just so you know where I am coming from, here is just an example not from the beginning just from August 2012 to the end of the year: She has been on 8 different antibiotics including one for a staph infection (She did not have staph it was the ONLY other antibiotic they hadn't tried), she has been on Prednisone 4 times about once a month (Prednisone is a steroid used to help reduce inflammation), she missed over 50 days of school including the WHOLE month of November, when she is what we call sick (running a fever over 101 for over 24 hours) she has a nebulizer for  Pulmicort every 2 hours more if needed and she has, she has ran a constant fever for months, she wakes up everyday her throat hurts, her stomach hurts and her energy levels are not always high. (I know all of this to be true because I have a "special" day planner that goes with us to every doctor's visit. Everyday her temperature, energy levels, medications currently taking, any new symptom is written down in this Holy Grail of disease!)

We have done lots of blood work, x-rays, CT scans, Cystic Fibrous tests, did I say blood work?! It's a lot for her but we keep on the positive side of it. It's not poor me but aren't we lucky! We are at home and not at the hospital! At this point, they know it's not allergies, it's not because of adenoids, tonsils, needing tubes in her ears or deviated septum, or Cystic Fibrous the list goes on for awhile, I'll spare you. We are now checking her Immune System, they think possibly an Autoimmune Disease which one I have no idea!

So for now our lives consist of homeschooling, crafting, avoiding germs, and doctors visits! This past week was a week full of doctor's visits, blood work and other tests! On top of home schooling, regular duties and trying to craft, I didn't have time for computer or Internet. That's not true I could have made time but I thought sleep was best to prevent a complete meltdown! We've adapt somewhat to this but that's just because we see a light at the end of the tunnel. On the brighter side, I have found a new friend to talk to, her name is Dyson! We talk a lot!

Soap Box Rant: If you are sick could you please stay home! Especially if it's the flu! There are so many people in this world that you affect by not taking the precautions to prevent spreading your germs! I understand that you may have to work or whatever reason you think can justify the fact that you are putting other people in serious harm of being infected with germs they may not be able to fight off but seriously stay away! And another thing...wash your hands! (It's sad and gross if someone has to tell you that!?!) Cover your mouth with your arm if you sneeze or cough. I don't want your germs, I have NO idea where they have been!

Having said ALL of that, here's what my week was full of besides the medical stuff!

Valentine's Day Wreath!! Did I tell you that I only spent $3 on this craft!! That's right!!

This pom-pom or puff ball as my girls call it, is made from a t-shirt!! I'll share more later this week! No doctor's visit and nobody seems sick...yet?! 

That wasn't my only craft made from a t-shirt!! So was this dog pull toy! It was for my friend Roland! Very easy, very strong and cheap!!

Somebody needed a new skirt this week!! My 9 year old! She said she deserved it after the long week, I agreed!

I promised to share all about my week so I guess I should include this experiment gone wrong!! No I don't like skulls or death or anything like that. I was trying to free hand a Day of the Dead for my nephew's Valentine's onesie! I don't judge, it's not my cup of tea but then again when did everything have to be about me? Since I was born, right?! Well my stitch experiment was scary to say the least but I will try again!

Of course I couldn't forget the clog from HELL!!! Yes oh yes on the coldest morning this year, after starting the washing machine, I came back to water running out the garage!! Since we were talking about solids, liquids and gases this week, I ran and got my camera for the steam! Thank you God for plumbers!!

I have lots more crafts and ideas I am working on this week including some easy cheap tutorials!! Plus I am going to the Dollar Tree tonight!! So what ideas do you have brewing?

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