Everyday Crafting - Day 1

She's Crafty!!
Oh so crafty that she is going to craft everyday!
Crafting everyday?
That's right..a craft a day.
For the next month at least, everyday you will find me crafting!


Let the crafting's time to up-cycle.
You will need some scissors, your trusty hot glue gun, some strips of fabrics (I used old kids jeans cut into 2.5" wide strips, lengths vary), and a plastic container (pink lemonade for me).

Cut the lid off the top of the container and warm up the gun!

Next just simply start gluing the strips of fabric down the sides.

Make sure and not glue the inside until very last. I noticed that the fabric laid how it wanted to not how I wanted it to. So glue up to the top then let the fabric choose how to lay.

You will end up with this...

The rest is up to you. I used some ribbon that I glued down but you could also tie a big bow or maybe glue on some jewels to bling it out. Maybe some fabric paint or lettering, the possibilities are endless!

I did actually do this craft on January 1. I know I am just now posting but you know how it is unless you are dedicated or punctual or perfect none of which I am. I am but a mire work in progress (working for perfect not dedicated or punctual!). 
I have to go gypsy-ify something (my computer doesn't think that's a word...well it is now)! I leave you with the most inspiring words of advice that I can think of...

She's Crafty, she's just my type,
She's Crafty....
Dang that song is stuck in my head!

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