Crafting Everyday - Day 2

Day 2
I have noticed that with the New Year has come with lots of new organizing for me. Don't get me wrong I organize everyday but not to the point of labeling but this New Year has new things in store for me. I think one being organizing to the point of labeling! Not only can I think the New Year for this but probably also my mother! Apparently Office Depot had a great deal on a label machine at some point during the "Holidays"!

Back to crafting...
After continually getting mad at my ribbon rolls this past 3 day marathon of sewing Christmas presents at the last minute, I decide it was time for a ribbon roll organizer. I know you have seen them everywhere right? Well have you seen one out of a broken hanger?

All you need is a couple of broken plastic hangers, couple pieces of scrap wood, a husband who won't let you touch his Dewalt drill and a wire cutter.

Yeah, cut the hanger so you have one complete rod..

Have your husband drill you some holes in pieces of scrap wood and voila you have a red-neck ribbon organizer! 

I wonder what craft I will fall into tomorrow?!...

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