Everyday Craft - Day 5

Here I go again....

Day 5

I should be getting numerous pats on the back for actually completing 5 days of crafts!! I'll settle for a couple of comments, nice comments!

Anyways, so today I decided to make a bag for that label machine! Supplies needed are two pieces of fabric (18" x 7.5" perfect fit for my machine), some Velcro and a label machine! For the fabric I used a piece of cotton and one piece of oilcloth cut to perfection!

Sidebar:If you have never used oilcloth then I suggest you grab some! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Oilcloth Addict! I also grabbed some of their laminated organic cotton, OMG, I'm ADDICTED!!

I also added a piece of black oilcloth just as bias tape at the ends for nice finish!

Simply surge the two pieces (right sides together) then fold backwards with right side showing. Straight stitch to hold down.

 Here is a picture of what other side should look like pinned!

Next with right sides together simply surge down the two sides. Be sure to keep the ends open.

Turn inside out then attach the Velcro. I don't like seams showing on the outside so I make sure that the side of the flap that faces upward doesn't have the sewing seams. Then pin down the edges of cotton fabric to match the oilcloth seam and straight stitch it in place.

Next measure actually how big you want the bag to be and pin it.

Surge down both sides....


You have a bag for your label machine!!

Is it weird that I want to make a label for the label machine?!

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