Everyday Craft - Day 6 - Scarf Organizer

Day 6

Bet you never thought you would hear from me again?! I know it's Monday so what if I didn't post on Sunday?! Even God rested on the 7th day!!

For this easy little craft all you really need is some cheap shower curtain rings, old ribbon doesn't matter about lengths (I used scraps), a hanger and your trusty hot glue gun. (I got my shower curtain rings at the Dollar Tree and I know what you are thinking about my many different uses with a hanger!)

Just hot glue the ribbon around the rings make sure to tuck and pull tight!
Then just attach the rings to bottom of hanger!

It really did clear up a bunch of space! 

Spruce up the hanger too! You could add some matching ribbon to it or sew a cover for it or paint the hanger! Why not? Maybe I will try that sometime!

Keep checking back! I have got some more great crafts coming this week!

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