Everyday Craft - Day 4

*Whoever said there was no such thing as mistakes has never crafted with me before, just forewarning you!!

The idea behind this craft came from the fact that I am sick and tired of picking up my 4 years old jewelry! Also I picked up these screw knobs from the Hob Lob couple months ago. They were on sale AND then they got moved to clearance so that's more off! Gotta love some double blessings! 

Side bar: Notice how selfish I am, ME, ME, ME! All my crafts have been about making my life easier! I guess the world does revolve around me!

Back to it, My vision for this project was more of a light pink but somehow I ended up with bright RED! Then my husband, the one who refuses to let me touch his Dewalt drill, came home at lunch just to drill my holes. (Get your mind out of the gutter, girl! This is a PG, PG-13, OK clean "R" rated blog). I guess the nooner threw him off so the holes are lopsided!!! 

So to complete this red-neck craft you need a scrap piece of wood (the other end of the stands for ribbon roll organizer), a piece of sand paper or sanding block whatever is handy, some paint remember around the house, some cheap Hob Lob knobs, a husband to drill your holes, and some creativity!

Basically, drill some holes (pre-drill the holes for the knobs also!), sand down the rough spots. Then I used some linseed oil on the wood to get it ready to paint.

As you can tell the light pink turned very much bright red! You can't tell by the picture but I added a gold glitter top coat with the grain of the wood. It gave it more bling!

I hope these crafts inspire you to craft with what you got! They may not turn out exactly as planned but hey at least they turned out?!

You better redneckognize!

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