Day 8 - Pony Tail & Hairclip Organizer

Day 8

After getting sick and tired of picking up pony tail holders and hair clips from all over the bathroom, I decide today was the day to conquer them. I saw this idea in an Arts & Crafts Fair in Lincoln Park in Chicago about a year ago. I couldn't resist the urge to try and share this awesome craft!

It's really cheap to make which makes this craft even better. You will need a picture frame (minus the glass), some fabric for the flower and background, some wooden clips, paint, hot glue gun and some embellishments! (I went to the Dollar Tree and got the frame and the wooden clips both $1 each! All the fabric and ribbon were scraps. The cupcakes are actually brads used for scrap booking!)

I was quite lazy about painting this project and opted for the spray paint! Great short cut which I am always looking for these days. I spray painted both the wooden clips and the frame at the same time. 

Next I cut a piece of fabric for the background and hot glued it to the back of the picture frame.

I found 3 fabrics that I thought went well with the theme, made a flower shape template and cut 2 flowers from each fabric.

Next you layer the flowers in contrasting directions and hand stitch a circle in the middle for gathering.

Gather up your ends nice and tight until you have this...wrap the thread around the base of the flower a couple of times and tie a knot

I hot glued the flower down and started gluing down the rest.

Now you have a pony tail holder and hair clip organizer to hang on the wall in your bathroom!

So what do you think would be a great craft to try? Leave a comment let me know what you have been up to lately. I would love to pop over but make sure you have some chocolate waiting! 

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