Let's Talk About....Stitches!

How many stitches on your machine have you tried? Honestly for me, up until yesterday I have only tried 4-5 of the 60 stitches I have available. I don't have a super fancy machine but it's a lot nicer than the one that started my relationship with sewing!

I worked up my courage yesterday and sat down with a cute fabric! I picked a decorative stitch, bravely changed the foot on the machine (never changed the foot before either!) and slowly urged my machine to stitch correctly. Luckily it all worked great! The machine didn't fall apart nor did the needle break instead I got this...

Overall it wasn't a bad experience, stepping out of my comfort stitch zone! It actually helped inspire a techie craft! 

What inspires you? Is it mostly patterns or maybe fabrics? How about blogs or magazines? 

I mostly find inspiration from fabrics. When I see a fabric 8 times out of 10 I know exactly what it's future will be. Now there are some fabrics that sit in my fabric catchall spot for months, maybe even years before they reveal their true identity!

I need more inspiration! So share with me what gives you the biggest burst of creativity! One more thing...I am happy to see that there is NOBODY in need of a Tutu?! The offer is still on the table until somebody, anybody replies!

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