So Oprah Called...

So Oprah called or at least I thought it was Oprah! I keep getting these blocked/unavailable calls. At first I thought just a regular phone solicitor, right? I answer the phone to be placed on hold. Who else calls somebody and then makes them wait on hold to speak to someone....OPRAH!!

I finally waited out the call only to realize that it wasn't Oprah. In fact it was some man that sounded foreign?! You can imagine my confusion when I realize it wasn't her. I kindly explained to him that you don't just repeatedly call someone and place them on hold for long periods of time unless you are OPRAH!!

After my precise explanation of the situation, he had the nerve to actually try and sell me something I wasn't listening! That's when I politely HUNG UP on him! Needless to say, he hasn't called back but neither has Oprah!

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