It's Happened......

I have never updated you on my daughter's health. After lots of blood work, scans and waiting, they finally told us that she has an Immune Deficiency, (really?! I could have told them that one, right!!). It's the "T-cells". In other words, she's not going to "grow out of it" and every vaccination that we have given her since birth didn't take!  

Quick Anatomy & Physiology class, inside your blood are cells that work to keep you healthy and alive. The B-cells are what fight off an infection while the T-cells are the "memory" of the virus that tells your body what you did last time to fight it off. The T-cells are also what make the b-cells to fight off the infection.

With all that being said, I think it should go without saying that we are very, very over protective of her now more so than before the diagnosis. In some ways I see how it can get to a point where there is too much isolation but I never let it get that close. We do avoid large crowds at ALL costs! We have been known to walk out of a store if we hear someone coughing or sneezing. (All of her problems start in the nasal area with colds). After leaving every store you will catch us all applying hand sanitizer!

The moment that I dread more than anything has happened. As I mention we just moved, we have only resided here for a whopping 12 days and the door bell rings....its the neighborhood kids. Don't get me wrong, I love the hood kids! They are what make summers, nights, weekends and holidays at home a little more enjoyable unless you want to avoid germs. Because as precious as we all think are babies are (& they really are!) they are germ infested! I wouldn't eat off a little kids hands if you paid me $5000!! REALLY!!! So when I opened the door to a bundle of Staph, MRSA and the Bird Flu, I couldn't help but whence. (Really there were at least 2 snot nosed, coughing kids!) Not only do I have to graciously decline an invitation to socialize, I also have to hand out some Kleenex and germ-x. 

For me the gesture in and of it's self was very nice and truly made me feel more welcome and I know that it's not other people's fault that I mutated with my husband to create this child (Yes I am having a hard time not blaming myself) but DAMN it's the hardest and most gut wrenching thing to have to tell other kids that your child isn't normal. She can't come outside and play (Another reason not a lot of outside play is because she recently developed an allergy to the sun. That's just one of many weird illnesses she has had recently). 

It's just hard....little things like that are the hardest for me to deal with. Having to say out loud....My daughter is sick and has an immune deficiency still just kills me inside...

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