Down in the Mulley Grubs...

* This post was completely inspired by EOS Mom

So yes I have been down in the mulley grubs here lately and as many other people do I started questioning my existence and reasoning's behind many things in my life. I started knit-picking at all of my insecurities and faults, which really doesn't help when you are already low. It is just like the ceiling fan from way down here it doesn't look that dirty but once you getting all up in it's business you can find a lot to clean!!

While going through all the new posts today I came across one that woke me up! The post is just 5 simple questions about yourself, nothing too life changing but it was the remembrance of a song that clicked with me.

Of course most people have heard this song and probably know that it was taken from The Bible, Ecclesiastes 3. After I heard the song, it reminded me of a Bible study that I had attended on the Book of Ecclesiastes. One of the things I remember most about the class was chapter 3 not only because of the song but because for me it had the best life lesson. You have no idea what God's time schedule is so the best thing to do is just rejoice, do good in your life, eat, drink, and enjoy all the good that comes from your labor because it is a gift from God! (3:24-26)

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Well, I'm just so touched and thrilled that my post inspired you!!! I struggle with depression and low self-esteem and the "mulley grubs" as you call it (never heard that expression before, I had to google it), I am frequently overwhelmed by all that's on my plate and a frequent mantra is: it's only for a season.

I love that today's 5 questions reminded me of this song (I should listen to it more often) and I'm so glad I could pass it on to you and you could get something out of its message as well. Such an encouraging scripture!