Month in Review

So I am going to try and catch you up, hopefully it will be painless. I went back to school and picked up more letters to add after my name. I applied for the nursing program, waiting to hear is the hardest part.

We made a choice to homeschool our 1st grader. She woke up the day before school was set to start with hives all over her face. Looking back now, I realize that we made the right decision. Don't get me wrong for the last few months all I have been telling myself was I made the wrong choice. It was been soooo hard. I thought when we made the choice to homeschool her it was a mutual effort, everyone would do their part. Man was I WRONG, but last night before bed I was talking with Sister about really nothing much just small chit chat. She looked at me and said something that blew me away. She told me that when she was 5 & 6 (just turned 7 in Sept), that she would look at herself in the mirror and think that she looked weird? You have to understand something, she is BEAUTIFUL. I know all moms think that their children are beautiful but she really is gorgeous. I cannot tell you how many times people have stopped us from birth even until last week and tell us how beautiful she is (doesn't happen for little sister). I know this sounds strange but in that instance I had the assurance I needed that we made the right choice about homeschooling. Now it kind of makes all the nights I stayed up late getting homeschooling projects ready for the next day, or studying for my exams, or doing housework because there is not even time in the day just seem justified. I hope this year at home we can work on her self image and make her more confident in herself.

So here we go...Month in Review...

Watching - Young & the Restless - It is the only show that I get to watch by myself. Most week nights you will find me snuggled on the couch at midnight yelling at Victor Newman...their your daughters!!
Reading - The Art of Happiness by the Dalai Lama and the Bible...I know odd combination but I really find it alot easier to read the Bible and understand it with the methods I learn from the Dalai Lama!
Making - A better life...I went back to school to add more letters to end of my name.
Eating - RIBS!! Our local grocery store had a big sale on ribs a couple of weeks ago. I bought some because of the great deal and plus we had never tried cooking them at home. Needless to say, it is required at our house once a week by everyone.
Feeling - Stressed and lonely. All the extra work I created for myself with homeschooling, returning to school myself, making sure my husband works as many hours as possible, and the normal keeping up with all things household..I have been a little stressed then add to the fact that my in-laws still have nothing to do with my kids (going on 5 months)..I am a walking time bomb waiting to explode.
Wondering - If I made the right decision about returning to school and homeschooling. Wondering why my in-laws hate me sooo much, other people like me, I think.
Hearing - "Oh my gosh, Mommie" my 2 year old new favorite saying about everything.
Liking - My new elliptical machine. Yes I choose the machine over Wii fit. Man am I glad I did, I have been working out for about 2 weeks now, everyday 30 mins a day and well I have more energy. I don't know about weight because I refuse to own a scale but nobody asked when my baby was due this week. (Yes I get that ALOT from people...Word of advice if you see someone and you think that they look pregnant but are not completely confident about it, don't say anything. I don't go around asking people about the freak accident they were in and how it disfigured their face. Nor do I ask people when they are going to get their noses fixed. I can diet and loose weight without major surgery ugly people cant change their appearance!)
Wanting - A real Date Night with my husband...or maybe 1 hour with nobody asking questions, or screaming, or fighting, or cooking, or cleaning...
Playing - Lots of music..keeps me sane and happy
Wishing - I was more organized and had more time
Enjoying - The cool mornings and beautiful temps in the afternoon. I love FALL!!!

I am making a commitment to keep up this blog not for free stuff, promotions and give aways but for a record of how my life is changing and a place to vent!

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