Conversations in Passing...

We have been having trouble with Little Sister (2.5 yrs old) saying "dang it". I know that it could be a lot worse but none the less I don't like her saying it. She picked it up from her Dad! He constantly says it but doesn't even realize how much he says it.

Sitting at the dinner table waiting for food, Little Sister starts eating food out of the serving bowls...

Me: "Sister stop eating that food! Dinner is almost ready when we sit down we can all eat together"

Little Sister: Lays her head down on the table and with as much angry as she can muster "DANG IT!" and slaps the table!


Few hours later, I am working on my "project", everyone else is playing Donkey Kong on the Wii...

Me: I say to my husband "You know Little Sister is saying your favorite word a lot these days. Do you think you can not say it for a while?!"

Husband: "What is my favorite word?"

Me: "D-A-N-G it!"

Husband: "I really don't say it that much, maybe every once in a while but I will make an effort to not say it" still playing the video game not taking his eyes off the TV for anything!

Me: "Thank you"

Husband: "Dang it, dang it, dang it, dang it, dang it, dang it, dang it...why can't that monkey just hold on to the rope!!"

Me: "You never say it, right?!?!"

 Happy Monday!!!

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