Rock'n'Roll Jesus...

I try really somewhat to not discuss religion. We all have our own opinions as to what "church" is suppose to be like. I ventured out of my comfort zone today and choose to attend a new "church". I have to be honest and tell you that I was really only going because a school friend of my daughter's invited her. I felt obligated to try and help her make friends outside of school so we went.

I woke up early on Sunday because the choices of times were 8:30,10 or 11:30. Well 11:30 with a toddler is not ideal and of course 8:30 is a no brainer, not happening! So I am up showered, dressed (with Coach purse & scarf in hand), make-up ON (I know WOW!), girls dressed, feed and ready to go by myself by 9:30! Hold the applause...I even put the "jewels" on, hair did and perfume!
We make it to the "church" located in a elementary school gym (not knocking it just sitting up the scene). After a 5 minute conversation about the safety of my child as well as all my info address, phone #, birthday, email, we get a tour guide to lead us to our room and all the while talking about their organization. I enjoyed it really I did! I am given all the stickers I need to get my child into and out of the kids room. (BTW the girl that invited her did not show up to church today?!)
I start following the crowd to this what appears to be a rock concert? There were 2 ladies the same age as me (maybe older but trying not to be rude on Sunday) standing at either side of the entrance. I stop with my 3 year old and say "Is this where are suppose to be?" Thinking that maybe it was the young peoples church and that the old more mature people's church was somewhere else. She looks at me confused and just gestures us inside. We walk into a pitch black gym with strobe lights and heavy metal music blaring! I really must have either blocked traffic or looked completely lost because a very nice lady came over with a flashlight to help. 
I asked politely if she could help us find a seat close to the outside. She takes me up to the 2nd row right next to the speakers? I turn and head towards the back where I stumble across 2 seats in the back, music still just blaring. The lead singer was head banging? I look around there are all kinds of people young, old, married, unmarried, completely diversified. I wait out the song thinking ok maybe soon the video sermon would begin. The song ends, the lead singers asks everyone to stand. OK now we are getting somewhere. In starts the loud heavy metal blaring with strobe lights and fog? I grab my daughter and we left!
I did not wake up early on a Sunday to go to a rock concert! I am not putting on my make up and jewels carrying my Coach purse to be left in the dark so NOBODY could see me? Really?!? WOW!!!!

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