The day I asked my iphone to marry me....

People come and go but my iPhone is the only thing that has stayed the same. Family (that is a post all in its self) will let you down. Husbands will forget to call but my iPhone has never failed me. It is the best personal assistant I have never had. It even lets me know how much power it has left. Has your husband ever told you I only have 50% of my power left? No. If he had that feature I think I could use him more efficiently.

I found myself last night laying in the bed clinging to my phone. As if I let go of the phone then my world would crash around me. It was then I realized that I needed to either step up to the plate and make a real commitment to my phone or just walk away. I now know that I can never walk away. It has taken me some time but I have come to learn that I need my phone in ways I will never need anyone else.

I love u iPhone!!!

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