The key to a good marriage is...IMMIGRATION!!

I knew the moment I saw the subject text on my email that it was destiny or God telling me that it was time to deal with the past. "JT-B wants to be your friend". Thank God. For years I have wonder if I found her or she found me, would she be glad or mad? From the sound of the email...glad!!

The email was short, sweet and to the point. "You are the real reason I joined this stupid site". Oh my J! She is the only other person that I know besides myself that hates reliving the past. Who the f*ck cares about high school? I didnt when I was there and I sure dont care now but I sure am thankful for a way of getting back in touch with J.

With the first email I managed to bombard her with every question that I have had about her for the last 15 years!! She nicely replied and answered every question, including "I thought you where married to G? Not B! What happened?"

Well apparently when you are tired of the first slacker you marry, you can divorce and get one from Canada! She met him online, went on vacation with him and in less than 6 months married him. Of course, they say it wasnt for a green card but really do you think I believe that? No. They didnt even know each other. She did admit that it was hard at first but now they never talk about divorce and make the most out of every moment they have together.

So is that it? If I get tired of my husband, whom I have invested over 11 years in a marriage with, I can just get one online from Canada. At least, we could spend making the most out of our marriage. Or maybe I could get through a month with out divorce coming up at least once!!

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