Award, Coupons & Dora....

So once again I went MIA for a couple of days. I was busy registering my 6yr old for 1st grade (sniffle, sniffle), trying to get a grasp on wheat and dairy free life, and buying school supplies.

As far as the diet lifestyle change, I am doing better but I still have a hard time planning for more than one day at a time! I won a new cookbook over at All About...Vegan Food, it's called Mission: Impossible Pies by Hannah Kaminsky. Which is great because we are missing sweets bad! I am sure I will have lots of recipes to share don't worry!

I also got my FIRST AWARD!!

 I am completely honored. I got it from The Truth About Motherhood 

which I completely love. She was one of my first blogs that I followed!!

Other things random things I came across this week:

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