Day 3

So today was day 3 or 2, idk, I think i am having sugar withdraws. I have no energy and my brain is foggy to say the least but that's OK because I have had no headaches. I am keeping my fingers crossed.

I did a lot better today with my exercising. I made it another 5 minutes on "the machine" plus we went downtown to May fest this afternoon. That was a lot of walking but I really enjoyed the time with the family. I also managed to keep in my basic Pilate's ab exercises that I used to live and die by so kudos in that department.

As far as food, I didn't do so well in that department at May fest. I did manage to restraint myself a whole bunch. I only had 3 bites of polish sausage, 1 bite of cheese-on-a-stick, 2 bites of corn dog and 2 bites of funnel cake. I know too much but you should have seen what everybody else ate...just say in. Besides May fest I stayed on my meal plan of breakfast, snack, huge lunch, and only a salad for dinner so I could take my meds. I do need a pat on the back because I am drinking lots and lots more water!!

Now just have to get the kids to bed, take a shower because frankly I stink then off to bed to watch t.v....Here's to a better day tomorrow!!

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