Well it's official my girls are growing up. The truth does hurt especially when it has to do with me. My oldest is now 8 years old, wow, and the sassy one turned 3!

For "L's" birthday, we surprised her with a trip to Chicago! Oh Chicago, I love you! It was completely awesome. I loved every moment. I keep telling myself that if I don't unpack the suitcases then I am still on vacation! It works for me.

This was taken from the sunset boat tour of the canal. What a great view! Seriously, if you have never been to Chicago, go. We were there for 4 days and it was not enough time. I could have spent 4 days alone at the Museum of Natural History, the Shed, the Art Museum, wow I could keep going. I didn't even mention the "Magnificent Mile". Saks on one corner, Neiman Marcus on another and Bloomingdale's...American Girl, Cole Hahn, H&M, OK I am booking a return trip!

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