While I am not a true gypsy, my heart belongs to one! (Not 100% but enough to count). I am a misplaced hippie with a crazy natch for up-cycling.

I have 2 full-of-life little girls, a 3 legged dog and a Jekyll & Hyde cat. Along with my husband, we try to live a "green" lifestyle but are always looking for ways to be better at it.

I love the idea or thought of saving something from the trash. I love thrift stores, garage sales, other people's donation piles, Dollar Tree (Did you know that EVERYTHING is a dollar in that store?!), coupons, bartering, hand-me-downs, old clothes that don't fit any more and clearance aisles.

I love tea as for coffee, we don't always see eye to eye. I hate gum. I love to read. I'm a closet self-help junkie! (shh!) I have a strange rule that I can never read the book after I have seen the movie! It has to be book then movie. It's the reason why I haven't read Twilight and I probably won't ever!

I love the idea of living in a converted RV or bus traveling cross country and living off of craft shows in big cities! 

I LOVE I NEED LAUGHTER!!! I will fall down in front of large crowds of people for a laugh, lots of times not on purpose. I will make a fart sound because even though "we" are classy woman that are disgusted by something so vile..."We" laugh, just admit it! It's OK!

Oh, I have a problem with rambling too! I bet you couldn't tell! In nervous or new situations I find that my palms sweat and my mouth runs! Also I am full of useless information that just NEEDS to come out!

All in all, I love to learn and I love to share!