New Year, New Schedule

I am still working on the "New Year's Resolution - Bucket List 2011" so until then I will share what the new year has brought so far. Today we started a new rewards system for the girls. Now my 7 year old is very excited about the whole thing but of course my 2 year old has not idea what I am talking about, imagine that!

I mainly wanted to use it to help with potty training. I am sick of wasting money just because I am too lazy to take her to the bathroom every 20 minutes!  Big sister is really excited because it gives her the opportunity to earn extra time on the Wii and staying up late.

So Day 1, we woke up late, thanks Dad! (He forgot to reset the alarm!) Big sister is sick and has laid in bed most of the day! Little sister is a character today! Some days I laugh more than I yell, thank goodness! I did get Big Sister to brush her teeth, brush her hair, wash her face and get dressed all by herself!! That is HUGE for us! Day 1 - Success!

Tomorrow is a new day!!

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