Inspiration from Halls...

I don't know if any of you have been sick lately...but Halls has a new inspiration campaign! On each Halls wrapper is different catch phrases to help inspire you to achieve your best potential! So today I am passing on the inspiration. Here are a few that I have stared at lately in the midst of the cold/flu from hell..just sayin ;)....

"Don't wait to get started"
"Dust off and get up" (Not really I wanted to read while I was sick!)
"Get back in the game"
"Hi-five yourself" (My personal favorite, I got a lot of laughs out of picturing myself hi-fiving my self and missing! LOL)
"Fire up those engines"
"You've survived tougher"
"Don't waste a precious moment"
"Get through it"
"Be unstoppable"
"Go for it"
"Seize the day."
"Put your game face on"
"The show must go on. Or work."

So remember...You've survived tougher so don't waste a precious moment, seize the day. The show must go on or work so fire up those engines, get through it and be unstoppable. Put your game face on, hi-five yourself, dust off & get up. Remember GO FOR IT!! LOL

*I was no way compensated for this post from Halls!

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