Best Week Ever

I love my husband but right now I just don't like his actions. I don't even really know if it his actions or just my sensitivity shining through. I haven't had the best week so far although I decided this afternoon to start telling myself that I am having a great week see if positive thoughts change the rest of the week.

Most evenings after the kids go to bed and the house quiets down I like to play on fb. My best friend who lives 4 hours away is usually on too and we talk. It is a great way for me to unwind and have something that is just mine. I don't play on there all night just maybe an hour or two then I get off spend sometime with husband and go to bed. This is our normal routine. Now while I am playing on the computer my husband gets a chance to watch his soccer and just mellow with nobody bugging him. Well tonight my friend told me she couldn't get on the computer, she wanted to spend extra time with her husband. So I thought, what a great idea I can spend time with Nat watch a soccer game together it will be great. Boy was I wrong!!

He asked why! He should have never asked why. Don't you have those moments where everything is going great, wonderful and perfect then you start to wonder why. Why are all these good things happening to me and then is when it all goes wrong. When you question God's plans or someone ideas that is when you are find out that beautiful shiny object isn't a real diamond. It is just a plain rock that has been altered to give the illusion that it is something it could never be. I guess I just feel like I am finding CZ everywhere this week! It is the best week ever!!!

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