Self-Improvement Tuesday!!

Continuing my theme with change, I have decided that every Tuesday I am going to try and make some kind of a self-improvement. Anything from beauty & fitness to self-esteem & self-image improvements.

Today I choose to improve myself by starting back at working out. I am not very healthy. In fact, I am well quite lazy! Before my second baby, I worked out a lot. I was in good shape, I was the smallest I have ever been. I loved Pilate's but after the second baby, I just didn't have the time. No more excuses!

So I started back with some basic Pilate moves. I only worked out for 15 minutes today but I know that I can make it longer tomorrow! So here's to improving my health.

Not only did I workout but also made a wonderful homemade dinner from scratch. I made manicotti with salad and bruschetta for an appetizer. I have been trying to find new ways to make healthy meals for my family. Tonight I am proud to report that my 6 year old ate salad and loved it. She also ate bruschetta with the all the tomatoes without one complaint. I was so excited, she has never eaten salad.

But the highlight of the evening was the chocolate cream pie that I made with real ingredients. As my 6 year old proudly told her Dad, "Mom made it without a box!" So from these simple ingredients...

I made....

It may have been rich but man was it good!!