Catch Up...

So I have not been blogging lately. Many reasons, a few being that I have been busy? I hope to make up for it!

Week in Review - March 7, 2010

Watching - American Idol (Finally after 9 seasons I decided to watch!)
Reading - Nothing??
Making - Tooth bag for Lilli's loose tooth
Eating - McDonald's (I hate McD's but Lilli just tried a cheese burger for the first time and has been making up for lost time)
Feeling - Lonely & Lost (What's new)
Thinking - About Spring break, trying to come up with some fun & exciting adventures.
Hoping - I get the job, I think?
Wondering - Why I even went back to school?
Hearing - NO. It is Ev's new favorite word, doesn't matter what you ask the answer is no.
Liking - Green tea & honey
Wanting - To lose weight
Playing - Outside with the cat. The weather has finally become nice enough to go outside.
Wishing - I had more energy.
Enjoying - My gardening plans. I can't wait for the last frost/freeze!

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