A lot has happened this week, let's see if I can catch you up! It was graduation picture day at school this week for Lillian. I asked her if she smiled big, her reply "No. I smiled like this" as she gave me a half smile, barely enough to even being called a smile. "It is my best smile!" I am so glad that she knows that about herself!

Lillian teacher sent home a note last week asking if anyone knew how to juggle. Well my husband is an excellent juggler and so I set it up. We both thought it was only going to be Lillian's class but come to find out it was all 5 of the kindergarten classes!

Nat did an excellent job under all the pressure and the kids were very impressed. I couldn't believe that the kids would love the same juggling act that we get everyday. The same act that I am constantly asking my husband to stop, was finally appreciated by others!

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