So this is subject that I hate talking about the most. My mom is an alcoholic. She has been one that I know about for 9 years, although I believe now that she was always an alcoholic. Sometimes she is on the wagon and sometimes she falls flat off, you never know with her. She is on a binge again and has been for almost 2 weeks now. This is a real conversation that I had with my mom, maybe it can help shed inside on our relationship.

Actually first I have to get her on the phone. It takes calling the home number, then the cell, then home, then cell and so on until she finally answers.

Mom: "Hello" clearly drunk and slurring

Me: "Mom? What are you doing?" waiting for the usual excuse: Winston

Mom: "I was taking Winston outside to pee. He's a sweety good boy." Winston is her blind dog that it the only living heir to my step father, Ron. He passed away in July from cancer.

Me: "How is Winston?" not really concerned but out of habit and bitterness.

Mom: "He's good. What's my baby girls doing?" She always calls my daughter the baby girls because that was what my Dad called me, his baby girl.

Me: "Good. So I was thinking maybe I will come over tomorrow and help you with anything you need." Knowing that she will never agree and if she does, she will not answer the door when I show up.

Mom: "I have to go. Winston is standing here doing the pee pee dance. Talk to you later." Click. She is gone. She always uses the same excuse to get off the phone, she never realizes that she used the same excuse as to why she couldn't answer the phone!

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