Lillian has been taking piano classes from a local lady for about 9 months now. She goes once a week for 45 mins. She hardly ever practices at home, not because we don't ask her to but because she never wants to practice. Her teacher has been very vocal about not pushing her about practicing. If she wants to practice then she will do it.

When we went to pick her up this past week, her teacher once again brought up the subject of recitals. We had decided last month not to do the recital because we both felt that it would put too much pressure on Lillian. She is quite shy. We want her to enjoy piano not dread having recitals.

Her teacher told us that she knew that we didn't want to do the recital but Lillian is so talented that she couldn't let her pass up the opportunity so she paid the money to hold her spot at the recital! We really don't know how to feel about this. On the one hand we are so excited that our daughter is talented but nervous about Lillian feeling pressure to perform. I will keep you update as the recital gets closer!!

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