And the Mother of the Day Award goes to...

I think that I deserve the Mother of the Day Award today. Ev is a child that is so full of life, in other words busy. You can not turn your back on her for one second and I did today. I was washing the dishes when I realized that I had no idea where she was and it was quiet. When it is quiet I know she is up to no good.

I frantically start searching the house to find her. Scary thoughts run through my head, as I quickly race from room to room. Then I find her in the bathroom. She has her baby doll and a cup from her tea set. They are sitting in the floor drinking toilet water! My sweet angel looks up at me and says "tea"!

I fall to floor crying both tears of disgust and laughter. But you have to give the child credit at least she was sharing with her baby doll!

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