Week in Review...

Watching - I have started watching the Real Housewives of NY. What was I thinking? I guess I need a little more drama in my life.
Reading - Knitting book
Making - messes
Eating - Fast Food!! I suck at cooking every meal but I know that will change. I watched Jamie Oliver on Oprah this week and it was an eye opener for me.
Feeling - hopeful
Wondering - How I can be a better friend
Hearing - Mine!! A lot from both kids.
Liking - The idea of a vacation
Wanting - To lose weight
Playing - In the new garden bed!
Wishing - I was more organized
Enjoying - moments alone

All in all I think this week was....OK. It wasn't the most memorable. It wasn't the happiest but nobody died or is in the hospital. That seems to be what I judge most weeks by now. If nobody dies or is in the hospital then I consider it a success! Don't get me wrong there are a lot of things I need to work on with myself and my kids. That is my next post my list of things that needs to change around here. So look for change and I am not talking about the change in the couch cushions!!

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