First Love...

There are so many firsts that I remember. The first time I saw my husband. The first time we kissed. The first place we lived together. But once we started having kids, my firsts turned into our firsts. The first time we rode in the car. The first time I knew I was a mom. Now it seems that our firsts with Lillian has turned into her firsts.

So the other morning before school for a treat I took Lilli to get donut holes (her favorite). While we were sitting in the parking lot waiting for school to start, she tells me she is in love. It was one of those moments that stuns you. How can my 6 year old daughter be in love? His name is Corbin. She tells me that they hold hands on the playground. I have never in my entire life been more frighten then I am now knowing that my little girl is growing up.

I think I am most upset about her being in love because I don't want her to get hurt. I know that it is a part of growing up but I still want more than anything to protect her. Isn't she a little young to be in love? Of course I know that she really isn't in love, at least what I consider being in love but to her it is love. I also know from here it only gets worse! The things I have to look forward to. I guess I should work on my chocolate cake recipe because my mom always said "Chocolate makes everything better"!!!!

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