I think I finally had a victory yesterday! We have been struggling since September of last year to figure out what was going on with our 6 yr old. She has been constantly sick. I can not tell you how upsetting it is to hear your daughter wake up almost everyday and tell you that her head, stomach and throat hurt. Not just because that she is sick but because I had no way of helping her. We have spent so much money on co-pays, deductibles, medicine and anything else that was suggested to us to buy to help her. Now 10 months later, I realize that her Dr. is a moron, that has been taking us to the cleaners. It seems to me now that she never even tried to help us. She would merely classify all of her illnesses under a "virus" and tell us that all little kids have a bad year when starting school. All kids miss over 40 days of school? Really? I can tell you for a fact that we will NEVER return to her practice.

So my 6 year old has been diagnosed with asthma & severe eczema. We have to go back 2 times next week for skin allergy testing. The Allergist says she is more than positive that she also has some kind of food allergy. Which is no surprise to me because I asked her regular Dr. to test her for gluten allergy. She refused because she didn't think that had anything to do with her "viruses".

I feel vindicated but extremely upset and sad. I didn't want to be right, I just wanted my daughter to feel good and be able to go to school like all other little kids. I guess the moral of my story is that even though they may be doctors or lawyers or rocket scientists, they are still human. I am the only advocate that my kids have and I will never stop yelling, screaming or fighting just because someone with a degree tells me I am wrong.

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