You Got This...

I love my husband but really? So yesterday was a loonngg day. My 6 yr old woke everyone up at 5 am with a scream that would wake the dead. She had a bad dream :(  The day got progressively worse. I am not one to complain much, I said MUCH OK!

Sister, 2 yr old, is now refusing to take naps, WTF? Little Bell, 6 yr old, was in a bad mood which I can't blame her, nobody likes being woken up after being chased by GIANT CATS!? Jack*ss (the loving nickname I am using for my husband today! DON'T JUDGE ME!) works 12 hour shifts on Sat and Sun so needless to say I HATE WEEKENDS!

Within 10 minutes of my husband Jack*ss returning to work after lunch, my door bell rings. It's my sister, she never ever comes to my house so I knew it was serious. She has a 7 yr old little girl so the 3 cousins happily played together while my sister (who is not in the blogging world) proceeds to lay it all out there. Let me just say without giving too many juicy details, it entails another recently separated man. So I find myself watching not only my house fall apart but my sister, too. I have such mixed feelings so I won't even began trying to explain!

Luckily, I had to pick up my husband from work (he drives work truck on the weekends). Otherwise I think she would have stayed all night! I was 10 minutes late picking up Jack*ss which of course I have to hear all the way home! We had not even pulled into the driveway when he gets a call from work. (He works for a data center, don't ask me, I am just pretty) If you don't know, we have our beloved cat, Seraphina, and our not so much beloved dog, SeeSee (my 6 yr olds version of CeCe). The cat gets to come inside not the dog, sorry.

On the weekends, I feed the girls their dinner before my husband gets home then we eat together later. We walk in the door from picking up Jack*ss, I immediately head to the bathroom for baths because I am always trying, hardly ever achieving, bedtime at 8:30. My kids are sleepers, big shout-out to Jesus! Water running, check. Kids in bath, check. Dirty dishes still on table, check. Remainders of tornado that ran through my house, check.

For some reason, I still do not know why, Jack*ss let the dog in the house then abruptly heads to the front door. This is what I hear "I am headed back to work. I let SeeSee in and she is chasing the cat! Uh Oh Seraphina is on the table! Yup, there goes SeeSee after her! Well I gotta go. You got this!" The door shuts. CRASH!

Morning after, we still have a dog and a cat. We no longer own a complete set of dishes, excuse to spend money. Both kids did not drown. One husband who is very sorry or least that is what he said. And a very BIG hangover! Thanks Hornsby! Yes this all happened on a Sun. Don't even get me started on my conspiracy theory about how God has it out for me! He has been on my butt for years to go to church on Sundays!


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Oh,my! The sounds like quit a day. Hope today is less eventful.

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LMAO! Dear Lord, girl--that's what I call a 'whiskey day' of wine my ass, gimme the good stuff!

Your girls are adorable....I'm in for the ride!

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