So here we go again...School is almost upon us and I am feeling the need to shop for backpacks, shoes and school supplies. (Am I the only one that gets that sick feeling in the pit of their stomach when they smell Elmer's Glue. You know that feeling of OMG I didn't do my homework and the teacher just called on me!)

I have a 1st grader this year and I am super nervous. You see I am a worrier. I worry about EVERYTHING, which is a great post for another day. Today I am worrying about backpacks. Last year, I bought 3 different ones, all of which didn't suit my kid's ridiculous needs. So this year, I have decided to shop online and include her the entire way. I have been doing my research and have come up with some great choices. Here is what I found (BTW these are all eco-friendly aka PVC free):

  1. Rawganique - They are a company that sells hemp made clothing, food, pretty much anything. After we found out my daughter was allergic to milk, casein, wheat and corn, hemp seems to be one of the only alternatives.
  2. Timbuk - This one lets you design your own backpack.
  3. SealLine - I am not really sure about this one but at least it is an option.
  4. Patagonia
Well I have 4 options for her maybe we can find one that we both like? Probably not but since Mommy has Daddy's credit card, I have the final say! Right Daddy!!

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