So my 6 yr old had her first allergy test done yesterday and well it wasn't what I was expecting at all. Even now all I can think is...wow! She is allergic to milk, casein (the protein used to make cheese), wheat and corn. Thank God she is not allergic to peanuts, chocolate or eggs.

So if you don't know much about casein (which I didn't until a lot of questions and research) it is in all dairy products. Not only will we become gluten free but dairy free also. WOW. I cant even began to explain our love for dairy products at this house.

I made my first visit to the grocery store to find something for us to eat. It is all so overwhelming for me at this point. We still have one more allergy test before our "action plan" visit with the doctor so I have plenty of time before totally freaking out. But still even now, when I really starting thinking about meals my mind just shuts down and all I can think is...WOW!