It's not so surprising that things change, it is so surprising that I haven't realized it until now! Like most people, I have been caught up in my own drama. Lots of drama, nonsense drama, crazy crazy drama. (Does it make it more dramatic if I write it a couple of times?)

I'm done with drama....well other people's drama at least for now. Now I am back to blogging! 

Blogging for me is like that skinny pair of jeans in the back of the closet. You so want to wear them but it involves giving up Dr.Pepper, chocolate, and eating out and EXERCISING! I know "eating out" is like a cuss word, well if I am being honest so is exercising. You don't want to say it. It just happens! Or life happens and you say it!

SO here's to cussing in my skinny jeans!

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