Cloth Pumpkins

For the first day of Autumn, I decided to make something season inspired. Here's what I have been working on today. Cloth doesn't get old and moldy. So when you have that "unusual" smell here in the next couple of weeks, you know its definitively because you need to clean not decaying pumpkins.

First I free handed my template and cut out 6 pieces.

Next I simply put right sides together and sewed down one side. Make sure that you don't start at the very top and don't sew to the very bottom. You need an opening in order to turn it right side out and to stuff! 

Next you once again place right sides together and sew down one side until you have a complete pumpkin. Through the opening at the top turn it right side out then stuff to desired fullness.

Next I just grabbed the top points and twisted then shoved it through to the bottom opening. I sewed a straight stitch across the bottom. (Be sure that you include both the top and bottom opening.)

Then I went out in the backyard found a stick that was the desired length, tied a ribbon around the stick and you have a already dead pumpkin!! Now its your turn to try!!

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Great idea. I like it.