It's Crafty to Rock a Rhyme!! It's Crafty!

So I didn't cuss at anybody today! Better than yesterday, those baby just kept flying out. I can't afford the cuss jar anymore so I have decided, its simple mind over matter.

That worked for most of the day even through my throwing the dish rag at my husband's head. Don't worry about his noggin, I'm not that good. What can I say I'm pretty...at least that is what I tell anybody listening.

As far as diet and exercise....it's out the door until the husband or my calorie nemesis goes back to work. He works too much so if he is home we sit and "veg". (BTW...why is veg my most used term consider "sitting in one place binge eating" deprived from vegetables...because we all come from vegetables?! Don't get me start on my vast conspiracy theories!)

Right now I'm trying very hard to come up with a quick easy idea for my daughter's birthday. Its one week from today and I promised her I would make her something special. She was feeling jealous of her sister. For her birthday I made her a pink Wonder Woman cape. Yes I said pink...I know what color it's suppose to be but you don't know my 4 year old! It was pretty awesome if I do say so myself. Don't be shocked I do possess a little of bit of crafty ways under these blond highlights. This girl has been known to sew...once again close your mouth...the flies.

So what fun easy crafty ideas do you have?  

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