Grateful the Most for Mims

Today I am feeling Grateful! Grateful for ALL the things that has been brought into my life not just the really good but the really awful too.

Being so grateful about things got me thinking about all the second chance I have been given and I started to really reflect on my own past life.

One that I really am the most grateful for is giving a second chance to our adopted dog, Mimsey the most. She only has 3 legs but don't tell her! She can out run everyone I know! She had a rough life in the beginning of her long 1.5 years she has been on Earth. Yes she is that young and so full of life so much so that at times I am envious.

So instead of being envious of her naive outlook on life, I am going to rejoice and draw from her love of just being alive no matter what part you have missing. Be it a leg or a piece of your heart or a piece of your soul or confidence or pride. Whatever is missing just be grateful for what is left.

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