High Five for Friday


Guess what? I found another one!! Dang I'm addicted. Not to drugs (well at least for now) but to finding new link-ups! It doesn't help that in the process of finding new link-ups I also find awesome new blogs!

So let's get to it...Top 5 moments of the week! Does it have to be PG? Can I throw in a R ratings here and there?

1. My theme song for the week. It should explain a lot! I've had a sh*t day, You've had a sh*t day, we've had a sh*t day!

2. The cat decided she wanted to leave home

3. A traveling musician stopped by the house this week

4. I found a monkey on my car (NO I didn't say on my back)

5. I finally found a preschool for my daughter to go to which means.....I'M FREE!!! Well at least for 3 hours out of the day!! I am overwhelmed at the possibilities for next week. I can't even begin to imagine life alone for 3 hours a day! I can now go to the bathroom by myself, blog by myself, shower by myself....just be by myself! Wait, I have to spend time with myself....I don't think this is going to be good.

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